terima kasih untuk segalanya.  

Posted by: shellysiidamit

terima kasih pada itu budak coz you let me suffer. what's wrong with you lately, huh? do i have wrong to you? if i do, tell me bh. jgn b'dandam wh. do you understand me? do hate me, but please dont insult me and my friend. im never hate all of my friends wh. am i wrong to have a friend? think bh. why dont you just imagine if i do that. im not a bad lady wh. if you hate me, just tell me but dont insult me. okay? share with me if you have a problem, dont just make a trouble and dont bring my friend. dont be so "hancheng" lady. okay, be mature wh. seriously of mine. i dont wanna start a fight okay. if you want a fight, why dont you just start it? dont bring me wh. okay. think wisely. nda ku suka bh kn b'klaiie ane, apath lage memburukki urg. aku na joa penah membruki kao. cha th. aku g na penah membruki kwan mu. dulu cayaku. sane wh nda. b'dandam pun aku na mao. aku jahati urg apa ku dpt? sama joa nya aku dpt dusa andand kana jahati blik. apalah. pkir wh. use your brain to think. gayanya kao ane bek th d'bwa kursus. huh.

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