Forgive me syg.  

Posted by: shellysiidamit

Syg, this is me by.. Syg..~ today is the last day bln ramadhan.. N today jua lapas maghrib msuk 1 syawal.. =')
Can i cry?.. ='), ..syg, i realize tht i made such a big mistake.. By mengaku,by bnr2 salah.. Syg~.. By faham sgalanya apa yg syg mau.. Syg.. By ucap kn slamat hari raya..~ i wish i could by with u n i wish u allow me to greet u syg.. ,by mnta maaf bnr2 arh syg..~ from the bottom of my heart.
Syg..~ i knw how do u feel, n im so sorry.. I nvr meant to hurt ur feelings.. Syg..~ i miss u so much.. I love u so much... I will always be beside u syg.. =(, i promise u i will make u happy or othr word bahagia kn syg, syg.. Not loving you is harder than you know.. Syg~.. Im begging you..forgive me.. Evry touch,kiss, its all over in my tought syg.. I miss u so much.. Syg..~ =').. How can sleep without u syg?hw can i breath without u syg?.. I need you , im lonely.. I love u so much.. Im scared here without u syg.. I feel im not so safe without u syg.. ~ syg.. Ure my evrythng, since u came to my life, i feel like my heart is located in ur body.. How am i suppose to live without u when my heart is locate at ur bdy syg, im sure.. Im gonna damn miserable.., ur love is my addiction, syg.. I gve u tme n space ,until u r ready enough to start it all again.. Mwah. Keep our promise n swear k.. Im sory f i do cman u dnt like, honestly, i miss u so much syg.. .

Slamat hari raya syg, by minta maaf syg ah..~ mwahhhuggs. Ure mine ='). I will waiting for you, i love you.

From : wardhy ( ur future husband :) ) mwah.

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