i've got punk'd by him again.  

Posted by: shellysiidamit

waduhhh . . . tadi bh . . . aku tu mentel andand sodeh. ku mc my ex, sii areep after ku sakit hati leh sii wardhy. then, ea reply my mc. then, aku blas. suddenly, the unknown number call me. it's weird. i thought his sister. then, i answer the call.

it's a guy. he ask me who am i and who is my father. i answer his question. but i'm getting weird. who is this guy? my heart said fuck you, who is this guy? am i know him. i was getting mad but saya sabar. then, he ask me am i crying? i said no. in my head, fuck you. who are you to ask me? but at last he ask me, do i know him. i said no. he try make me know him but i can't. he tell me his name is Wardhy. 'oh my god. fuck you, shit' thats what my heart says.

that time, i'm not in a good mood. i still keep thinking what was going on. actually, when he text me about someone, i give up. yeah, i'm give up. then, i saw these lyric. my fav song. david archuletta - you can. i'm not give up. sabar sha.

ea tpun aku, yeah. he did. he tell me everything. he ask me something. HEEE, i don't know. i'm not in a mood. suddenly, my mood change. it seems like . . . i'm happy. yeah, it is. i guess. happy for a while.

he tell me about that girl. you know. HUH. not his girlfriend. yeah, she's not. but . . . i'm getting jealous when he tell me about her. seems like i want to say 'fuck you. if you love her just tell me. i don't wanna get hurt' yeah, it something like that. but i control it. i don't want to get mad. that's all.

at least, we were happy. i hope he's happy like i did. after we're done, i smile. yeah. smile. i don't know why i smile. stupid me. i hate him but i love him. crazy me.

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