Muhd.Wardhy bin Yahya, or Wardhy.  

Posted by: shellysiidamit

wardhy . . .
ermphhh . . . aku inda tahu cemana kan cerita. feels like i want to cry. i dont know why.

i just on my facebook and read all my inbox. starting from his message, i would never believed that i was down when i want him back. i would never believed that i'll get hurt because of that. but, some of that message make me smile and laughed. funny for sure. i guess, i should give him the 2nd chance but i cant. my heart wont let me. huh.
im sorry for him. i should be single right now but because of ezat try to make me give a chance to the other guy who want with me, i tried.

i try to start a new love with reiimy, but at last. we're just . . . break up? huh. And, im waiting for ezat to purpose me but he didn't. what he did is . . . he hurt me much. so, i just with my brother . . . i mean, adik angkat. lagepun, ea nunggu aku selama 4tahun. so, why not i try to be with him for the last chance. i just dont the same thing will be happen. yeah. ormphhh, i just dont believe this. i never knew that i will be in love while i still remembering what i said to wardhy. 'its better for me to single.' yeah, whatever. that, wont be happen if its just saying. Huh. whatever.

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