Memory Of 2011 With Family and Friends  

Posted by: shellysiidamit

Assalamu'alaikum and good evening to everyone. First of all I would like to tell you about myself. HAHAHAHA. Jokes. I'm gonna tell you about my memories with my family and friends :')

I do miss the moment with my family but the almost I love is to be closed with my mom. We do share something and also we're just like bestfriend. We do go shopping together and share opinion when we try to buy something. I know my mom very well but it's just Iam too stubborn. I miss to make some jokes with her also do to my dad and my brothers. I wished that 2012 gonna be the sam like 2011 :')

Having a great day with my friend also awesome and fun. I do miss it. We're just hangout at Mall, Gadong. They were Aesamuddin, Nuyun, Sha'diqah, Ribi, Qayyum, Hanny, Anna, Anik, Haji Esa, Ozzan, Alvin, Dawiah, Wanie, Qilah, Wiwie, Jojo and Norenah. I don't remember shapa saja yang ada. HAHAHA. Kitorang tengok wayang, arcade which is kami karaoke, then ke JP main game and enjoy lah sampai inda ingat dunia. HAHAHA. labih jua tu kan. HOH.

Eventhough I've been so many thing that I've been through, I could not be strong till now. All I know is to pray to Allah that everything would be okay. I believe that he will always be with me no matter what. Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, Engkau tabah kan lah hati hamba Mu ini Ya Allah. Tunjukkanlah hamba Mu ini ke jalan yang benar agar dia tidak menuju ke jalan yang sesat. Amin amin amin ya rabbal 'alamin.