My First Raya With Family and My Love :)  

Posted by: shellysiidamit

Assalamu'alaikum to everybody*aiyaaa* HAHAHA. I'm gonna tell you something about my first raya with my family and my love. I know since that day me and him is still kind of . . . 50-50. Like we're in a relationship or . . . kind of friends? I don't know it's just on that time I can't let him go easily. Love him very much. HOH.

My first raya is where we supposed to tahlil and meet up my lovely grandma. We all gathering here at Kampung Bebuloh. Early mornin, I wake up and totally it's already 11 o'clock? Omo, museun jis-eul haneunga? And my mom arrived and saw me just wakeup and she's angry. NYAHAHAHAHA. Ladies are not supposed to wakeup late actually. I supposed to wakeup early to helpin my aunty in the kitchen. HUOOOH. But I love sleep very well ;)

 Then I just take a shower and preparing  myself. Just want to look prettayprettay lah. HAHAHA. I'm in love with my first raya which is meet all relative ;) and for sure . . . Love also came here. And I just like . . . "oh my God! Is this real?" My heart just beat fast on that time and I'm surely don't know what to do. He did meet my lovely cousin, Dirah. Yeaaaaahhhhh, my Dirah kambang tarus. Aiyaaaa. Dirah aah. HUH.

Pictures with love and lovely Dirah ;)

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