Interview at SVSB  

Posted by: shellysiidamit

Okay, ini hari aku memang cuti. Replacement offday ngan 13th April.

Okay, the interview . . . Totally blurr kana tanya and blank but nervous much than lastyear. Oh God. Totally aku tu macam gagap. Aaaaaahhh. They were asking me many question but I don't even know why I was blurr and don't know what to say. I've been practice lastnight. I was hoping that I can get it. But today . . . Seems like I'm not confident for myself. Huuuuuuaaaaaaaaaa. I wish I could go to school macam dulu. I know I do have boyfriend but study is important to me. It's my future.

I don't want to remember those interview because oys totally . . . Funny. Nervous tu punya pasal. Haiyeeee. Tapi na apa, lapas interview, aku ke naffi with parents. Ku bawa makan chocolate to forget those funniest interview.Haiyaaaaaaaaa. Now, aku otw kan balik. Hoh. Yeayyyy. Later mau jogging. Hohoho. Aku lurus tapi parut ku labu. Na jua lawa tu. Walaupun badan ku damit and kurus, tapiiii paruttt labu. Cehhhh.

Oh yeah, I was forget. Sorry tak sambungannya ceta Sarah. Been busy this lately. Busybusy work. Hoh.