17th May 2012, Daddy's go to Phillipine  

Posted by: shellysiidamit

Assalamua'alaikum all. Wanna shared some story bout my dad :)

17th Mei, babahku last sama kami di Brunei sal ia kana antar ke Phillipine for his work. How sad for us. That day, kami ke tentera udara pasal babahku kana bagi apakah something. Entah inda tau apakah nama bendanya atu. HUOH. Then, going back home pasal mau mandi. Hangat bah Brunei ane. HOH. Then, jalan ke . . . first, ke stadium ngantar barang arah kawan babah. Second, ke TimeSquare. Shopping, bai barang before babah go there. HUH.

Then, ke airport ngantar babah. Before that, kami dinner di atas kat Express. NOMNOMNOM. Waiting for the time to go, grandparents just came and so do my uncle, aunty and my cousin.

Before my daddy go in, we do shake hand and hugs him. 1 year he's there. How much we missed him. My dad do cry but paksa tahan air mata. So do I and my mom. After my dad just go in, he do look at before the door closed and I was crying.

Then, we just going back home. My dad do call my mom before he off his phone. I guess, my mom cry in the car. HUH. One year is too long. HUH. Have to wait. But I heard that in the month of August, my dad will come here. 2 weeks with us then go to Phillipine again. HUOH. Can't wait for that day :') Miss you dad.

31st May 2012, Tahlil Dikampung  

Posted by: shellysiidamit

Assalamua'alaikum. Apa khabar? KEKEKEKE. Dah lama tak update ini blog. Takde masa nak update. Too busy revision for my big exam and for my resit exam. HUOH.

Kelmarin kami balik kampung sal ada tahlil. So, I'm busy helping. Just sikit saja helping atu. Seh, nampak malas aku aah. HOHOHO. So then, my aunty ada jual some things like ribbon, pin, bracelet and many more. It's pretty and awesome. I do buy it. Seh.

And I do take some pic of my little cute cousin with her cute pose but Dirah pose is . . . simple for sure. Dirah wear my ribbon :)